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2021. január 25. | hétfő | Pál nevenapja
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Farewell to the old year - with a gift from Dimash

True, we don’t have much reason to be cheerful this year, but optimism never hurts.

I also selected videos from older, especially New Year’s gala shows for my year-end writing. No summary, just a little fun. Because even if we look at these recordings, maybe we even feel like dancing, even at home. But if we were just in the mood, it was worth it.

Zheldirme – My Star

I am smiling at you
I am in love with you
Your heavenly image, sweet like honey!
Where are you then?
Early in the morning you rise
My lovely treasure, my star

The Kazakh greeting and Screaming will be heard in front of pictures of Astana. The capital of Kazakhstan was still called that here, from 2019 Nur-Sultan. Real year-end atmosphere with fireworks.

A fast track from the Bastau concert:

And a traditional Chinese New Year song

We look forward to the online event on January 16th-

with which change took effect, many thanks to Dimash and his team for this truly generous gift of being able to be seen not only once, but for the ticket purchased for another week, unlimited .

Dimash's message on December 29th

„My friends and lovely Dears, I want to say thank you to everyone who’s supporting my first online show! The holidays are a festive and happy time for many people but during such a difficult year many families have also lost loved ones and suffered irreparable damages. Remember, through the charity’s that I represent your purchase of my tickets and merchandise helps support families during this difficult time of need. Let us show the rest of the world the power of love let us show everyone what happens when my dears are all united as 1 voice of hope and compassion!”

As a tune, we recall an ARNAU concert from March 2020 in Kiev.

It begins with Dimash receiving the embroidered Ukrainian shirt from his fans an hour before the performance and appearing on stage in his gratitude, to the great delight of the Dears (his fans are so called).

At 30 minutes the mood is already hectic, it is worth watching Dimash's dancing as well. Give me your Love, War & Peace's own compositions. He also sings Kazakh songs like Dürdaraz and Daididau. After singing the Ukrainian song to his mother too,  who is sitting there in the auditorium, the audience celebrates for a long time. And there’s that infinitely kind, unforgettable scene where a viewer yells - which turns into an unexpected improvisation, thanks Dimash in the end.



In the last 20 seconds of the video, there are separate links to four more songs that were also played at this concert, but they were so excellent that it was worth highlighting them separately from the concert video. I will only show one, it is very form-breaking in all respects, but even the end of a New Year's blessing can be perceived, it is not worth missing the sight (either).


In today’s offering, he sings in Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, English, French and Chinese.

Translations of all songs can be found on this page, thanks to the work of the translators:

Szerző: Nagy Gabriella



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