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Dimash: Be with me

Comedy, parody, action, sparkle, glamor, women, money, underworld. 

Dimash Qudaibergen  wasn't idle after the introduction of "Golden Clip" (https://zene.hu/20210303_dimash_golden_on_new_roads and https://zene.hu/20210312_dimash_golden : after the vibrant "Kieli Meken" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2716iHnVkK8 ) and the magnificent "Amanat" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2PqnN31pL0&list=RDMM&index=1 ), he unveiled the ferocious clip of "Be With Me" on April 30th.

Already at the online concert, (https://dimashnews.com/dimashtyng-be-with-me-ani-muzykalyq-platformal/) it came as a huge surprise with its very modern style and tone, and this video, which almost fits into a cinematic film - reminiscent of Jackie Chan's style - only confirmed it.

Comedy, parody, action, sparkle, glamor, women, money, underworld. Yes, the fight is not over. In short, the protagonist in the luxury bar selects a dancer from the stage (or the girl left her for the money and now went for her to rescue her from there), but the girl now belongs to a mobster who can be scary enough for her, so she’s scared, she runs away, but Dimash fights for him like a real man, and eventually a (stolen) bouquet of flowers convinces the girl to go with him, because that’s what the song itself is about.

But it wouldn’t be Dimash (and Ukrainian director Radoslav Lukin) if it were such a simple tale. Of course, we can interpret it this way: lavish music, lavish singing, lavish Dimash acting, lavish as he performs macho, naughty, brave, what's more, reckless, in the corner of his mouth is always there a smile, charming, model-like, so, you can see what -listen, you can be amazed, for example, in a fight under a rap insert, where the red-belted taekwondo past prevails strongly. (Red belt means warning to opponents that it is better to stay away, but also a warning to the wearer that his knowledge is a dangerous power to use responsibly.) But you can also admire the pool scene, which of course is infinitely elegant, nothing frivolous, no self-demonstration in it. The cinematographer Azamat Dulatov is also a professional here.

But. Dimashra is typically every moment designed and thought out, every movement and color has significance, moreover, it is symbolic. Like all masterpieces, this can be interpreted in several ways.

 This adorably naughty, very determined, brave little macho looks like an intellectual, in a suit, in glasses, like a college student. We see the chosen (or want to save) girl on the stage, her movements and clothes strongly contrast with the pros writhing behind her. Like a florist girl gathered from a small street who, even if she put on her best dress, tells her that she hasn't belonged here before. Apparently a mobster set her up to “admire” her latest composition or sell her, who as a woman is thus in one of the most vulnerable situations. But his ex (?) friend (?) goes for him to save / get him. When, not just anyway, he gets on stage with the girl, he looks around in alarm and then begins to flee. Dimash’s rage also appears on stage for a moment, but he also has the attention to lean away from the full cognac glass flying towards him. A long chase (chase) scene begins, which is done in a very fun way, and then the fight is exciting, because while Dimash himself claims that it is not fair to beat half the underworld, he has to do it for the girl who is driven into the pool by the romantic floral gesture , where you are already looking at your seducer / savior with admiration. Their funny escape continues, they make a point of victory with a quick departure in a luxury car. And the surprising caption: To be continued… .. you can start guessing when, because what will happen.

 One can only parody what exists, and we know it exists, as in the Golden the little man, and here the vulnerable woman, can be hidden in the center, seeing the essence among the swirling, spectacular scenes.

 It’s a very tiny moment to be quite sure of the interpretation: at first it doesn’t even show up, a second time only on a big screen, maybe in cut-out images, you happen to see a golden angel wing around Dimash’s neck. In other interpretations, eagle wings, but either, symbolize goodness or strength. Aware of this, let’s watch this ferocious clip and enjoy the sensational music written and performed by Dimash.

More info:


It’s worth getting to know the creators ’thoughts on filming.


My heartfelt congratulations to the makers of the clip: everyone who contributed to the success in any way. Because there is success, loud success!

And that's why there's already a Grammy Award… ..

Dimash Qudaibergen's official appearances on social platforms:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dimash.official.dq
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kudaibergenov.dimash/
VKontakte - https://vk.com/id204026563
Twitter - https://twitter.com/dimash_official
Weibo - https://weibo.com/u/6081887607
Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimash_Kudaibergen
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGBxbj_RMKB22rhJnK9qReg
Golden: http://music.yoola.com/JO6ju                                                                                                   
Be with me: https://band.link/DQ_BE_WITH_ME

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