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2021. április 19. | hétfő | Emma nevenapja
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Dimash: Golden - on new roads

Dimash Qudaibergen is a performer who works and works in this closed period. After a fertile year in 2020, it held an over-the-top online concert with only superlatives in January on, which is not yet available but will be available for purchase on DVD soon.   

Pictures here:

There was also the premiere of the previously written Golden c. brand new clip. It was the opening day of the ARNAU concerts in 2020, but due to the covid epidemic, the tour had to be interrupted and the concerts postponed to 2021 were also postponed to 2022.

The audience was therefore very much looking forward to the premiere. Dimash did not remain indebted, as he came as a huge surprise with his clip, which also fits the short film and evokes the world of Hollywood action movies. There is a little love in it as the basis of everything, and that gives you the strength to endure the difficult problems of life, but here you prefer to change it.

It starts with spectacular scenes, at first it is not clear what it is, only as the story progresses, we come to the real message from the inscriptions on the bus windows and walls (Big Brother, eyes), the old neon inscriptions in the dirty metropolitan underworld (Qazaq, Liberty, Peace) and the appearance of a desolate nomadic man at all - with an eagle sitting on his arm to warn you: don’t forget where you came from! What gives you the impetus to act? The rich visual material raises innumerable associations, which are sometimes quite startling, deterrent, and contain plenty of symbols, with what meaning to whom.

Dimash does not speak in the clip, only his facial expressions and body language convey his emotions and possible thoughts. Of course, the song is sung by him, adapted to what is happening. The text is universal again, it can be interpreted on the topic: the vulnerability of exploitative banks and small people is the main topic that is difficult to understand at first glance in the film, as it is in reality when it is difficult to navigate the world of money, and this may lead to abuse character people. It’s worth watching more than once, because every second, every scene, every move is precisely choreographed, as we’ve become accustomed to from Dimash and his co-creators: everything matters. More information about the clip can be found on the artist's website:

  Dimash appears in the role of the GOOD, the savior of the people, perhaps all over the world.

A few days after the premiere of the clip, his followers posted their profile pictures on social media with a golden mask, from which they made several videos, and approx. We were told in 60 languages ​​that We are Golden, thus expressing their support for, among other things, the artist’s new plans (MTV announced in an interview that he wanted to move to America) and his new-toned work. The new U.S. president also attended the inaugural inaugural week with 2 songs, as a Kazakh, because he is considered there to be above politics for his peace efforts and charitable work.

 Samal Tau



They are always looking at you
Like you're some kind of freak
Like it's better if you disappeared

Think that you can't hear them
But with every word you speak
We can se our vision crystal clear


A full list of staff and a description of the story can be found below the video.

Dimash Qudaibergen's official appearances on social platforms:

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Wikipedia -



Exactly just these terms because there are a lot of fake pages.

Have fun and think for the clip!

Gabriella Nagy



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