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Dimash: I miss you

It has come a long way so far to the song.


That is the conclusion.

An abstract summary of the difficult year of 2020, which came to us unexpectedly, but by now it may be possible to look back at the hell of the last 9 months, evaluate it, think it over, and then look ahead again.

The epidemic in China began much earlier, so it’s understandable that by April, a song about the alliance had been born. Dimash’s Chinese attachment is known, he started his world career there in 2017, with his participation in the I am Singer professional singing competition and 2nd place, but that’s incidental, the audience has been celebrating him ever since.

We are one – April

 The music starts softly and lovingly, and Dimash walks through the very high, four-line octave with sparkling light sounds. In E major, Fis major, many crusades, high tones. The power of the eagle, the color, the agility in the clip, the mountains symbolizing difficulties, from which there is also a beautiful view, full of optimism, faith in victory: "We will rise together and shine together". Although this song was written by Chinese authors, it is a gentle encouragement to the whole world.

Two old songs – May

Samal Tau

Not so colorful anymore, there are only 3 people in an enclosed space in the studio. The theme is sad, evoking the Russian-Kazakh events of the Great War of 1916 through the song of a young Kazakh soldier embarking on a fight. I feel a strong resemblance to civilian men helping to carry oxygen cylinders in the hospitals there because there were so many patients. That is, there was a fight now, only on a different level.

Samal tau, wondrous my land, immense my lake,
What my life is going to be as soldat?
Comes to my mind over and over again
My poor land, where my navel-cord cut, washed me3.

I am not riding, I’m trudging,
Even slower, just drag myself.
It’s been about fifteen days
On way. I’m approaching Omsk.

My age is double mushel, from year of Cow.
The Fate has swept me away, far from my home,
Samal tau, my motherland is left behind,
We’re just a foal-herd that has lost its pastures.

I have father and mother,
They both would reached elderly age.
I was compelled to make this song
By the grievous year of sixteen.

Samal tau, wondrous my land, immense my lake,
What my life is going to be as soldat?

(Fordítás: https://lyricstranslate.com/hu/samaltau-samal-tau-breezy-mountain.html )



Asking for help from a desperate man. The same studio, but here Dimash is already alone, singing alone can not be held live, so online Tokyo Jazz Festival. A heartbreaking experience. More info here.



The new song - July-August

Qairan Elim

A little liberation, an escape to gather strength in nature, but there is only one companion here, he is also far away, both struggling alone and praying in the language of music. The tone has long since crashed into 4 B flat minor, the colors are unsaturated, foggy in the apparently beautiful real landscape, which only appears as a symbol of hope with faith in the Almighty at the last moments. More info here.



Mourning - October

Qaragim Ai

It's still not over. There is a lot of loss. Now we are in a closed space again, in a kind of weeping silence. In dark, deep blue, and black, two mourning men on stage, without physical contact, only their souls come together and up to the sky, through the vibrations of music. It was becoming increasingly difficult to carry the crosses given by fate. More info here.



Crash / lineup - December

I miss you

On the sunset shore is the place of our meeting,

and a flock of birds is circling over the shore.
It’s like the first time I’m standing here on the beach,
but I don’t know.
Where are you, who are you with?

I miss you, your eyes and your smile.
And here, defying fate, I will come again to wait for our meeting.
For someone it is so easy, for me it is so difficult to start my life from scratch.
I can't do that. Here on the shore, believing and loving, I will wait for you.
Where are you, who are you with?

I miss you, your eyes and your smile.
And here, in spite of fate, I will come again to wait for our meeting.
Our meeting place is on the sunset coast.
On the sunset shore I'll be missing you.

Translate: https://lyricstranslate.com/hu/translator/roisincherie

When the pain of lack is so excruciating, when you’re already giving up everything, you can only be with someone, Someone - then Dimash dedicates this song to the Dears (millions of fans), but it can be interpreted personally and universally. It already shows that a masterpiece was born again.

If we place the viewpoints in order of height from the ground (asphalt, narrow bust, still image, apartment, house, bridge, birds in the sky) and look at their alternation, we get an image similar to the electrocardiogram of a trembling, sometimes large-beating heart

Great contradictions increase the tension. His editing is very similar to the Qairam Elime, starting here and finishing only from here, but with the tone and the final image he also makes an elevation to the sky here, but only audibly and perceptibly and very hidden in the symbolism of the final image.

As with Dimash in general, he strains the situation to the last minute so that there is a sudden ending at the end. Here the continuity is hidden in the constant brawl, with increasing internal tension, which will only explode when it is on the ground for the fifth time or so and the sound of “Where ….? This is now happening at the positive golden ratio point. In principle, it is a significant, outstanding moment. Here, too, it is, only with a negative overtone, a tension: lying on the ground and a voice shouting to the sky.

From here the crescendo is gradual to the climax, to the birds orbiting above the house, to the symbols of freedom, to life (because nature is the only one they represent, we don't see a plant or a person other than the protagonist (s)), then it falls back from here , Seeing the bridge from 3 levels. Here in 3 seconds, which was seen three times in the first quarter of the song, only here now backwards, with a huge fall back to the asphalt. "Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father sustaineth them." https://szentiras.hu/UF/Mt6,25-34

He lies there in despair. One thing highlights it: the music, the Cis minor, the 4 crosses, though it started from emptiness, the A minor. (The cis minor is a parallel minor in E major in April, a finer “version”, but the same height! Only the MUSIC gives hope and strength, only that saved everything and everyone, giving hope at the last minute, and the 4 # - je = ✝, which is perhaps not only understood in Hungarian in a figurative sense.) The camera turns carefully. The image is full of symbols according to Eastern and Western philosophies, exposed body parts, the pedestal of the lamppost as weights, the color black, the barely visible birds, and the position and guidance of the skyscraper. Where does the power come from. “… Your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. You seek first the kingdom of God and its truth, and you will receive it all… ”This is not far from Dimash’s philosophy of life. In fact.

Picture of the Hungarian poet János Pilinszky: The ceremony of the low point. He says this in connection with Bach. According to him, Bach was the composer who was very much looking for something, he wanted to find the lost secret. And so to find this with his music, he sent the notes into the depths - not the height, but the depth. All his notes were dipped in the depths. And "not a single note returned profanely from there." There, at the low point, those notes were dipped in something gracious. And from here the road leads on to the next thought. https://www.palferi.hu/hanganyagok/2010-2011/2011-02-27/

Universal art.

All of this was presented on the evening of December 23rd. The night before Christmas, waiting for the birth of the Light from the overwhelming and seemingly bottomless depths of darkness, despair.

Don't cry, if he sings,
I know, he has wings.
Maybe he's an angel,
And he's not a stranger.
Starshine in the night,
He is always in our heart.

(Bea Darvas Dear)

Click on the image and our graph will choose a larger size.

The graph illustrates Dimash 's work under covid quarantine, comparing the songs based on 5 criteria: the colors of the clips, the locations, the number of actors, the musical tones, and Dimash' s situation.

At first glance, there is a gradual decline at all levels and a concentrated, (anticipated,) sudden rise at the end of January. If we compare this scheme with the high-average editing of Dimash’s songs (gradual rise and sudden fall), we see here exactly the negative mirror translation of it. He also transforms negative, dark and sometimes seemingly hopeless situations into a work of art, apparently this 9 months of his life also forms a round whole: his whole life is a work of art, reacting to the (whole) world around him, and it is an increasingly polished diamond - being also appears in his works.

“Happiness does not depend on who you are and what you are; it totally depends on what you think. "(Dale Carnegie)

January 16, 2021 Online concert 15.00. In Hungary (which can be viewed indefinitely until January 23) and live chat with Dimash Kudaibergen. Buy tickets and live chat separately:



The next day, January 17, 2021, he will open the events of the inaugural inaugural week related to the U.S. presidential election with his program created just for this occasion. With registration, it can be viewed for free.



I think the online concert in all respects, even in advance, will show a huge increase at all levels. As Dimash has done so far, he heals with his songs, his voice, his radiance. He won't let anyone down now either.

Be there. Be with Him. Let's be together.

Gabriella Nagy



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