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2021. május 14. | péntek | Bonifác nevenapja
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Dimash képekben

A kazah énekes fenomén története - 1. rész: SOS

“We all came to this planet to live a good and noble life. ”Dimash

History of the Kazakh Singing Phenomenon - Part 1

November 14, 2020 Today's news: It's snowing in Astana.

Photo: Kulzhamal Zhandalinova

But do we know where this city is? Embraced by the great steppe, this capital (now Nur-Sultan) lies in the middle of Asia, in Kazakhstan. Here lives a 26-year-old singer who holds the title of Best Singer in Asia, winner of several international competitions, holder of 33 awards and honors, Meritorious Artist of Kazakhstan, Ambassador of Sino-Kazakh Cultural Friendship, supporter of UN WFP (Nobel Peace Prize 2020), Also in cooperation with Michael  Kors.

Who is he who has already conquered all of Asia, South America and Africa? He has given concerts in the US and Europe, where in the spring of 2020 he unfortunately had to cancel the big ARNAU tour due to the corona virus, but will hopefully be able to continue in March 2021 in Düsseldorf and Prague.

Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergen, artistly known as Dimash, singer, composer, multi-instrumental musician. He performs songs in twelve different languages ​​and whose calligraphic signature also includes the violin key.

 “If you look at my head - you can find music, if in my heart. I’m out of music. ”(Dimash)

Born in 1994, he began his musical studies at the age of 5 in Aktobe, his hometown. His talent showed up very early, he played the piano and won a competition. From his adolescence, his attention turned more and more to singing, and the singer’s parents and his family, who supported and guarded traditional Kazakh culture, gave him much inspiration for his artistic development. The hill, as a national instrument and the playing on it, also belong to the traditions, so Dimash also plays excellently on it, presenting the music of his country at all his concerts.

He was constantly educating himself, and in the summer of 2020 he was able to take his honors master’s degree in composition after graduating as a singer. During his studies, he participated in many local and international competitions, winning the Slavyansk Bazar Grand Prix in 2015, at the age of 21, and then being invited as the youngest contestant, at the age of 23, to the Chinese “I am Singer” professional singing competition. won with his song SOS sold in French. He eventually finished second in the 3-month competition alongside a much older singer, yet this competition brought his notoriety and set his on top of world fame. The attached video contains the  sung program in the competition.

The first song is SOS, which is one of the  songs from the Starmania rock opera (by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon), a cry for help from a man in misery.

Dimash considers himself a simple, modern-day young person who is present on all social sites, positively posts, so his work can be well tracked, which, despite his young age, is already very rich and diverse. Its multi-million fan base can be followed mainly on Instagram and Weibon, as well as on the information page , and its music on its official Youtube channel.

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His genre is crossover, especially dramatic songs, which he can perform uniquely worldwide due to his exceptional talents. In addition, he can sing in any genre. It has a range of 6 octaves (up to 2 for an average person), which covers almost the entire piano keyboard, and can even go beyond it, but he considers this ability very modestly to be an excellent tool for artistic expression alone (since it is not worth it in itself). nothing if you don’t put it at the service of the lecture.)

He has already held several concert tours, (BASTAU, D-DYNASTY, ARNAU) held the first in 2017, hence the second recording of SOS. Because he is a believer in constant development, he is constantly training himself, so the change can be well observed for lay people on the same song.

The SOS song can be said to be his business card. As the support of his teachers, masters, parents and grandparents are very important to him, he always expresses his gratitude. Many times he commemorates people important to this song, in Moscow Grégory Lemarchal, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Igor Talkov, Freddy Mercury, Montserrat Caballé, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Batirhan Sukenov were projected in the background, a young fan of Cancer or Nur -In Sultan, Denis Ten recommended it in memory of a friend of Olympic bronze medal skater who died in tragic circumstances. But this song is already universal, it can be understood without words all over the world, because Dimash is able to convey emotions so deeply, with an amazing empathy and empathy.

Text in French and English

SOS d'un Terrien en détresse
Pourquoi je vis, pourquoi je meurs ?
Pourquoi je ris, pourquoi je pleure ?
Voici le S.O.S
D’un terrien en détresse
J’ai jamais eu les pieds sur terre
J’aimerais mieux être un oiseau
J’suis mal dans ma peau

J’voudrais voir le monde à l’envers
Si jamais c’était plus beau plus beau vu d’en haut
D’en haut
J’ai toujours confondu la vie
Avec les bandes dessinées
J’ai comme des envies de métamorphoses
Je sens quelque chose
Qui m’attire
Qui m’attire
Qui m’attire vers le haut

Au grand loto de l'univers
J'ai pas tiré l'bon numéro
J'suis mal dans ma peau
Si jamais c'était plus beau
Plus beau vu d'en haut...
D'en haut...

Pourquoi je vis, pourquoi je meurs ?
Pourquoi je crie pourquoi je pleure ?
Je crois capter des ondes
Venues d’un autre monde
J’ai jamais eu les pieds sur terre
si jamais c'était plus beau
Plus beau vu d'en haut
si jamais c'était plus beau

Dodo, l’enfant do….

SOS a landowner in distress

Why do I live, why do I die?
Why am I laughing, why am I crying?
Here is the S.O.S
Of an earthling in distress
I never had my feet on the ground
I'd rather be a bird
I feel bad about myself

I would like to see the world upside down
If ever it was more beautiful more beautiful seen from above
From the top
I have always confused life
With the comics
I have some desire for metamorphosis
I feel something
That attracts me
That attracts me
That draws me up

To the big lottery of the universe
I did not draw the right number
I'm bad about myself
If it was ever more beautiful
More beautiful seen from above ...
From the top...

Why do I live, why do I die?
Why am I screaming why am I crying?
I think I catch waves
From another world
I never had my feet on the ground
if it was ever more beautiful
More beautiful seen from above
if it was ever more beautiful

Dodo, the child of ...

He would have been a guest at the Tokyo Jazz Festival, which was missed due to the spring corona virus, but could only attend online. One of his recordings can be heard here

There are fan clubs in 114 countries around the world who also carry out charitable activities under the name Dimash. Dimash speaks of this very rarely, only a multitude of these activities can be read on his website and Wikipedia:
Supporting the elderly, the sick, children, the hungry, animals, nature, talented children, helping those living in disaster-stricken areas.

The series continues with a presentation of Dimash's songs …

Szerző - Nagy Gabriella…


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